Thu 07 August 2008 - UnWheel 2 Now on ModCenter   posted by ProjectX
A post! It's only been a year and a half...

Ok, we've added a modcenter profile for UnWheel2.

Basically modcenter amalgamates a lot of the tools developers use to track and manage a project with a nice little front end with a gallery and news updates for you guys. I've gone and added renders for the 10 confirmed vehicles for the first release of UnWheel 2. They're all by Steve, and they're all awesome. Go over there and have a look.

Also in news: We need a coder and some level designers to really get this project going. Check out our help requests on our modcenter profile to apply. Preferance will be given to people already familiar with the mod and what we stand for, but skill trumps all, so even if you don't know anything about us apply anyway, I'm fairly sure we can teach you everything you need to know.

And finally: Shiny ModCenter Linky

Oh yeah - I should point out that we're certainly not forsaking our wonderful BU fans. You'll still have a special place in our hearts. And besides, how else am I going to rack up the post-count :p

Px Out.

Sat 24 February 2007 - New Beta Vehicle   posted by StevenHorton
If you visit the forums you may have seen the thread \"For UnWheel II\". I have posted a download with the newest UnWheel vehicle in my last post on page three, if you are interested:P

Fri 24 November 2006 - its that time once again...   posted by ProjectX

Sat 10 June 2006 - UnWheel R5 Released   posted by Shrimp

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has finally arrived :-). And only 6 months late and a year and a half since our last release too :-).

UnWheel R5 is, as Im sure you can imagine, a huge improvement over any previous release. Here are a couple of highlights of this version:

Well, that's a fairly brief (LOL) summary of what we have waiting for you in UnWheel R5, head on over to the Downloads page and grab it in either a Windows installer, or regular .zip formats.

While it's downloading, you may want to check out the ReadMe which covers prerequisites, install guide, and an overview of gameplay, gametypes, and options.

If you've never played UnWheel before, we have a small teaser video put together by team member Diego1203:

And here are a few screenshots, for good measure:

Wed 01 March 2006 - Record Tracking   posted by Shrimp
Since I`ve been doing a lot of work on record tracking the past week or so, I thought I`d show a few pics of how it`s been implimented in-game so far:

Here`s the in-game record browser. It lets you select a map, and shows you the top 10 world-wide records for that map. This view is available from the main menu, as well as in-game.

The HUD and scoreboard have been adjusted to show each players best lap times, and the scoreboard also shows the current world record time for the map being played.

And this is an un-related screenshot from the end of a Wrecker round, the new gametype which lets you smash other people around :).

Fri 10 February 2006 - New stuff   posted by Shrimp
Been doing quite a lot of work on UnWheel the last week or two, managed to get a good deal of stuff done.

So I thought I`d snap some screenies of a few of Steve`s new maps and vehicles. We now have 3 Formula One cars :) as well.

Getting really close now ;).

Sat 28 January 2006 - UnWheel wins mobDB Driving Mod of the Year!   posted by Shrimp
Yup, again ;).

UnWheel has managed to scoop best Driving Mod in this year\'s Mod of the Year awards at ModDB.

The only way to win these awards is for them to be voted for (a lot of votes, from what I understand), so a big thank you to everyone who voted for UnWheel!

And again, congrats to the whole team, everyone\'s top quality content has once again proved it\'s worth.

Sat 19 November 2005 -   posted by Steven Horton
Here is the burnout info with the new server address:

Starlight Computers LLC. UnWheel MSU Arena IP= Burnout #1 = Saturdays from 11:30pm ~ 1:30am - Eastern Standard Time
Burnout #2 = Wednesdays from 8:00pm ~ 10:00pm - Eastern Standard Time
If posting these proves to be even more of a success... perhaps a 3rd burnout time?

Wed 02 November 2005 - A deleted new post? WTF?   posted by ProjectX
Why has the July 2nd news post just disappeared? I deleted it, thats why. A lot of people were complaining about tables getting messed up, heh. But it turns out that the offending post has already ben deleted so this one went for no reason...

To compensate: a news post.

Not much has been going on news-wise although a lot of work is being done, and that is because weve announced a rough deadline for the new release:


3rd/4th December

(subject to change, patent pending, this does not affect your statutory rights)

Mon 05 September 2005 - Burnout Times   posted by Steven Horton
Just to keep everone informed, new comers and old UnWheelers, here are the UnWheel Burnout times, hosted by UnWheel supporter $n][pErMan:

\"Starlight Computers LLC. UnWheel MSU Arena\" IP=
Burnout #1 = Saturdays from 11:30pm ~ 1:30am - Eastern Standard Time
Burnout #2 = Wednesdays from 8:00pm ~ 10:00pm - Eastern Standard Time
If posting these proves to be even more of a success... perhaps a 3rd burnout time?

Fri 26 August 2005 - Short UnWheel Video   posted by Shrimp
I recently realised that, aside from a couple of screenshots and descriptions, potential players have no real idea of what UnWheel looks like in action. And the rather large download could be a little off-putting, just to see what it is all about.

For this reason, I have put together a short video showing a bit of action from various gametypes, maps and vehicles.

The video is 30Mb, and is around 2 minutes long.

Mon 08 August 2005 - Lets pretty this game up!   posted by ProjectX
Wow, it seems like there hasnt been a post in a while, again. Nevertheless we have NOT been idle.

After a bit of tireless nagging from me and Steve we got Shrimp to put in Real-Time reflections in the game. These can be seen on our cars (hell maybe I can persuade him to let us put them in our maps too) as we zip through the tracks.

Needless to say, they\'re not perfect, but would you ask for perfection in an aging engine? I mean this thing is gonna be reflecting a landscape that is gonna be rapidly moving, so for framerates sake alone it isnt gonna look perfect. This isnt UE3 or F.E.A.R.

Oops, got distracted. Some pics (click the thumbnails to enlarge):

Sun 05 June 2005 - New vehicle   posted by Shrimp
Steve Horton has been busy, and has finally tweaked his latest vehicle, the Semi-SUV to death, and has readied it for release.

You can go grab the download here.

Fri 20 May 2005 - Furrow Dash Rally   posted by jerdaygo
Hello all I am posting a link to my newest map. Yes Yes I know its a race map and not a rally map but Furrow Dash Race just didnt sound as good. Hope you have a Wacky time. ;)

Mon 16 May 2005 -   posted by ProjectX
Over the past few months the sites been kind of inactive, heh. Hopefully that will now change as most of the team now has access to this news-post doohicky.

We havent been idle (mostly), and you guys in the community have helped out too! Weve had some great burnouts and the player-base is ever growing! Thanks guys for all your help, we couldnt do this without you.

On to content. Weve had some maps released recently, both by us and by community mappers; not to mention a new vehicle by Steve - the Racetang. If you\'ve been on our forums (the easiest way of seeing that the mod isnt dead) then you probably already have these. Theyre all on the servers so enjoy!

Head to the downloads page to get em!

Race: UWRC-Desertic by CyberSirius
Race: UWRC-Subway by bob9
Roamer/Rabbit: UWRM-Caverns by ProjectX
Rally: UWRL-Suicide by Steven Horton
Race: UWRC-Deck17 by Shrimp
Roamer/Rabbit: UWRM-Oasis by Shrimp
Rally: UWRC-OceanRun2 by Steven Horton
Race: UWRC-Grande-Vallee by Kantham
Big Air: UWBA-Tricky by Shrimp

Racetang by Steven Horton

Sun 16 January 2005 - UnWheel wins mobDB Driving Mod of the Year!   posted by Shrimp
modDB recently held their "Golden Spanner" Mod of the Year awards, and UnWheel was voted number 1 in the Driving gameplay category!

So we get another item to add to UnWheel's crowded virtual mantel:

As usual, good job team, and a big thanks to all the players for their support and votes :-).

Wed 12 January 2005 - Sunday Night Burnout!   posted by Shrimp
The UnWheel team would like to invite everyone to join us for a new weekly UnWheel event - the Sunday Night Burnout.

The event will be held at around 20:00 (8PM) GMT on a Sunday evening/afternoon. This seems to be the most reasonable time for most people around the world to be able to join in. The games will be held on the Official UnWheel server:

If you're after some really tight Races, hillarious King of the Hill, Rabbit or Roamer, or some team KBall, this is the best oppertunity to get a whole load of UnWheel goodness.

Here are some pics from the first event last week:

Sun 14 November 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
UnWheel MSU released!


Just in time for the Make Something Unreal Contest Grand Final, we're pleased to present to you with the latest version of UnWheel. Since this is the last round of the contest, we have decided to name this version, "UnWheel MSU" edition.

Probably the biggest additions to this version would be better control around corners, giving you the abiliy to drift around gracefully, team gametypes make their debut, and the return of turbo.

Downloads are available in two variants, a Windows .exe installer, and a plain .zip for Linux
  • and servers. Both are available from BeyondUnreal FileWorks:

    EXE Installer for Windows - 305MB.
    ZIP Archive for servers and Linux
  • - 405MB.

    A [partial] change log for this version is available here. The ReadMe is also available online here.

  • Tue 09 November 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    Well, it seems a long time since this page was updated :-P. That's not to say we haven't been busy though, far fromit in fact, we have made loads of progress with new features, bug fixes and refinements. Here are just a few of the things new/fixed/updated that you can look forward to playing with in the very near future:

    * Brand new in this version are team versions of CTF and KBall! TCTF follows traditional CTF rules, and TBKall is like normal soccer but with cars and a giant ball.
    * Real-time positioning in Race and Rally, as well as a race progress indicator on the HUD showing you and your opponent's positions in the race.
    * An assortment of great new and updated maps for all gametypes.
    * Turbo makes a return, and it's better than ever! Apart from the fiery effects pouring out your exhaust, you'll experiance a motion blur effect the faster you go.
    * Better control of your vehicle when you're sliding, so you can dift around corners in style.
    * To go with the new stylish drifting, you can now leave tyre skid marks on the ground when you slide. You'll also hear some nice sliding sounds for each surface type.
    * Several new vehicles - from buses to trucks and bikes with sidecars.
    * Server administrators can exclude specific vehicles from different gametypes if they thing players are abusing them.
    * Loads of gameplay fixes and enhancements - like multiple KBall ball spawn points, and all players starting a Race together, and a handy rear-view toggle for when you're using the behind-the-car camera.
    * Even more new exclusive music from Josh/"Stranglet" of White Noise Entertainment

    And that's a fairly short list of the stuff we've got going on in the new version ;-). Here are some screenies to keep you entertained for the next few days (there are more on the Media page):

    Thu 26 August 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    UnWheel EC is out!

    I don't think there's any need for a fancy post about this, the mod speaks for itself. You can grab it in 2 flavours, .zip and .exe:

    Download UnWheel EC EXE Installer from FileWorks
    Download UnWheel EC ZIP from FileWorks
    Download UnWheel EC EXE Installer from

    The ReadMe document for this version is available online, right here.

    We also have 3 dedicated UnWheel EC servers running, which can be voted to any UnWheel gametypes or maps. Here are their IP addresses:

    Come join us in IRC on #unwheel, or the forums.

    Enjoy :-)

    Tue 24 August 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    To start off this news post, we are extremely pleased to announce that UnWheel will be one of the mods to be featured in Epic's "Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition", which is scheduled for release within the next few months.

    Secondly, in case you have missed the news from elsewhere, UnWheel once again won several awards in the third phase of the Make Something Unreal Contest, including 3rd place for Best Non-FPS Mod, 2nd for Best Vehicle, and 1st for Best Use of Karma Physics. Congratulations and thanks are due to everyone on the team who contributed to our contest entry, Beta 3.

    Now, onto current events. Thanks to the efforts of a new addition to the team, UltraNew-B, we have successfully converted UnWheel's vehicles to the new "SVehicle" system UT2004 uses (the same as the Onslaught vehicles). This has provided a huge boost to performance, and has given multiplayer new life (multiplayer barely worked at all with the old vehicle system). There have also been several new additions in the vehicle department, bringing our total vehicle count up to a huge 23.

    We would also like to announce the release of our newest version of UnWheel - "UnWheel EC" (the same as the UT2004: Editor's Choice Edition version), the relase is scheduled for this week Friday, the 27th of August. This is by far, the best version of UnWheel we've ever released, featuring loads of new maps, vehicles and skins, features (like the new 'stunt-cam'), 100% multiplayer support, greatly expanded bot support for more gametypes, and much more.

    For the release, we will also be hosting at least 2 Official UnWheel servers, but if you'd like to have your own server ready for the release, please let us know and we'll organise a copy for you to prep your server with.

    Feel free to drop by the forums or our IRC channel at #unwheel on in the mean time.

    Sat 03 July 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    UnWheel is looking for a modeler experianced in UT2004 vehicle creation (working off the SVehicle base) to help us convert our existing vehicles to the new vehicle format.

    We are looking for someone who will be able to take our existing seperate model parts (main vehicle body and wheels) in 3DS format and put them into a single, correctly set up model for use in UT2004.

    If you are interested, and have the experiance (or can learn really fast) and skills, please email me at as soon as possible with either examples or links to your UT2004 work.

    Sun 20 June 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    UnWheel mapper, Nicholas 'ProjectX' Udell, has put together a guide detailing the process of creating maps for UnWheel. If you'd like to make maps for UnWheel, this guide is a good way to get yourself started.

    Download it now from FileWorks (requires a PFD, viewer like Adobe Actobat Reader).

    Fri 04 June 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    Here it is!

    Yup, once again we bring you a new UnWheel release, bigger and better than those before it :-). We are pleased to present you with UnWheel Beta 3.0, which you can download right here.

    The release is available in two versions, a Windows executable installer, as well as a plain Zip file with correct directory information for other OSes and servers. Check out the ReadMe file here in case you need installation help (or just want to find out a bit more about the game and how it's played).

    Once again I'd like to extend my thanks to all the mappers and modelers on the team (and a few extra helpers) who have all worked very hard and fast to get this release out on time.

    So until the next one, enjoy ;-)

    Fri 28 May 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    As a bit of build-up to our upcoming Make Something Unreal Contest Phase III release (Beta 3.0), UnWheel mapper Nicholas 'ProjectX' Udell has put together a 4 minute promo video featuring a couple of new maps and gametypes, as well as one of our new music tracks created by Josh 'Strangelet' Grafton of White Noise Entertainment.

    You can grab the file in two versions, a 'lite' version with less quality but smaller size, and a 'high' version with much better quality, from BeyondUnreal's FileWorks right here

    Enjoy ;-)

    Mon 17 May 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    Hmm, I see this is the first real news post since Epic announced the Phase 2 results for the MSU contest, so if you've been living under a rock for the past week, and for the sake of the team who are rather excited don't mind hearing this again - I'd like to just mention that UnWheel has officially won first place in the Best Non-FPS, Best Vehicle and Best Use of Karma Physics categories!! You can check out the rest of the results right here. Congratulations from all of us on the UnWheel team to all the other winners as well!

    On to more current events, we have a lot of new stuff in the works, the main thing the mappers and I have been working on getting right at the moment is bot AI for single player. We're currently focusing on the Race and Rally gametypes, but others will follow shortly.

    Along the way we're crushing the usual amounts of bugs and oddities, and things are progressing pretty well in all areas.

    In the vehicle department, aside from all the constant physics tweaking, The Devil's Avarcardo has contributed two new vehicles - the Flair F1 and the Shaguar XJ. Both of these two high-speed beauties will be available to drive in our upcoming MSUC Phase III entry, due out by early next week.

    Meanwhile, I have updated the Media page with 10 new screenshots of the bots and new vehicles in action.

    Fri 07 May 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    As you may or may not have read already, UnWheel is one of a selection of mods which will be shown at NVidia's booth at E3 - the games industry's biggest annual event.

    Thanks to some very late nights, the team has managed to get UnWheel fully UT2004 compatible in a record 3 days for the event. The results of this work will be shown at E3 in two playable sessions of an hour each, the first on 13 May at 11:00 (11am), and the second on 14 May at 15:00 (3pm). In addition to that, Epic have put together a video to show off even more mods, one of which will be UnWheel :-).

    And since we feel this version is good enough for E3, it's good enough for a public release as well, so you can download it from BeyondUnreal's FileWorks right here.

    I'd also like to give special thanks to Steven, Diego1203 and Jerdaygo for their quick work on making all sure their maps were UT2004 compatible, and for all the playtesting and bug reporting they did along the way. I couldn't hope to be associated with a better bunch of guys ;-).

    OK, so go grab that file now, and if you're going to E3, keep an eye out for UnWheel at the above times ;-).

    Sun 02 May 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    Umm, been a while since I updated the site I guess... ;-)

    Rest assured though that the whole team has been very busy, and we have a load of new features, game modes, maps and vehicles coming your way soon.

    The basic plan for phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal Contest is to release a rough UT2004-compatible version next weekend, to iron out any problems and make map updates if they're required. Then, two weeks later, we'll release our entry for the contest, which should be fully UT2004 compatible.

    I also just want to make a note that the current released version of UnWheel will not work at all with UT2004, so please don't try it, I have no idea what it might do to your UT2004, and may create complications later when you try to install the proper UT2004 version.

    Fri 30 January 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    Finally got something new to show off :).

    You'll find a pic of the new HUD in-game at the end of this update, this version of the HUD is much cleaner than the last I think, as generally looks a lot nicer and more 'real' (as in, it could very well appear in full-version game).

    You'll notice two new things on the HUD as well - damage and turbo. Damage is still being worked on, but it is basically working: you won't be seeing bits of your car flying off, or the bodywork getting messed up (think of this more like Gran Turismo), but you will emmit a stream of smoke which gets thicker and darker as you take more damage. Your vehicle will also slow down the more damaged you get. Turbo is a very short boost of speed which can increase your top speed and accelleration by up to 60% while the turbo key is being held.

    All in all, I think things are moving along quite well. Next up: the scoreboard. Be sure to pop by the forums if you have comments or suggestions about the damage, turbo or the new HUD.

    Mon 26 January 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    Well, as you may have read on the forum, we can't release an updated KBall just yet as it has become depnedent on various other changes I've made to the UnWheel 'base'. So that'll have to wait for the next release of UnWheel (it'll be built-in, not an extra package).

    Meanwhile I've been testing some new stuff I want to add to the gameplay as well as the HUD and scoreboard, hopefully I can show some of that off soon.

    For now though, I slapped together this little wallpaper: :)

    Sun 18 January 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    This is just a small update.

    I think the KBall update is about ready for release, I just need to do some multiplayer testing to make sure all the updates have actually worked :-).

    At the same time that's been going on, I've been working on a new map specially made for the monster trucks. It's a Race map based in a forest, and it actually takes about 3 minutes to drive a single lap, that must be a new length record for UnWheel Race maps :-).

    The to-do list once the KBall update is out would be #1) Get new interface in-game and, #2) re-do the HUD and scoreboard once again.

    Here's a preview of that new map:

    Wed 07 January 2004 -   posted by Shrimp
    As you'll no doubt have noticed, UnWheel has moved to a new home on BeyondUnreal! Our new URL is Thanks a bunch to QAPete and the rest of his BU crew for organising this at such short notice ;-).

    Along with this move, you'll also notice the new look of the site - the site design is now exactly the same as the new in-game main menu design which you can see a preview of below. On the topic of interface and visuals, the HUD is also about to get a complete overhaul (it even features a rear view mirror at the moment, also in a shot below).

    Priority at the moment lies with a new version of K-Ball however, current updates include the ability to apply custom physics and a skin to the ball to suit your maps, as well as a number of bug fixes - paticularly in multiplayer. I hope to have this out within the next few days.

    There are also a few new images on the Media page for you to check out, mostly showing off new skin variations as well as the new improved much less rigid camera (though it's hard to demonstrate with still shots ;-)).

    More updates soon... Once again, a big Thank You to BeyondUnreal ;-).

    (This new interface preview is not in-game yet, I just placed a screenshot of the real background [which shows the car and the truck racing along a long road] behind the inerface in Photoshop)